Starting May 17: Practitioner Training with Marian Spurgeon and Stephanie Conkle


Hi! I'm Marian Spurgeon

I'm one of the region's top rated hypnosis providers

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Delivering Exceptional Online Hypnosis and NLP Experiences

If you're asking about it, I've probably worked with it

Release Anxiety

Quit Tobacco

Lose Weight

Heal the Gut

Stop Procrastinating

Clear Fears and Phobias

Become Confident

Get Unstuck

Get out of pain

Find Forgiveness

Help your Kids and Teens

Take Your Success to the Next Level

Fears be gone!

I've helped people get rid of so many fears, including but not limited to:
Emetophobia (fear of vomiting)
Fear of failure
Fear of eating/choking
Fear of being touched
Fear of CPAP Machine 
Needle Phobia
Fear of bridges
Fear of driving
Fear of bugs
Fear of dying
Fear of snakes
Fear of flying
Fear of success
Fear of speaking
Fear of being one's self


People say nice things.


I recommend Marian to everyone I believe is ready to do some searching within themself. Someone like me with PTSD, high daily anxiety and depression I was skeptical it would help. I was nervous to go the 1st time. She made me feel safe and comfortable. I was able to access feelings I had suppressed without the emotional reaction. I felt the weight lift. No it's not a magic bullet. I still have anxiety, I still struggle but I have a new hunger for life. A drive to overcome and a calmness I can access at any time. She's a gem and has helped me tremendously. 


I just wanted to say thanks for our sessions a while back. I feel like since then I'm way more capable of handling stressful situations.


The ability for Marian to take my anxiety issues away and make me feel so much better, are unbelievable. I recommend her services for anything. Call her and talk to her before you discount her abilities. She is a true healer!

I also have a small do-not-do list

 Some of these are personal preference and some of these are scope of practice. 

Oh, by the way...

I'm a Certified Instructor through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and I abide by its code of ethics. 
I don't find lost items
I don't do any kind of forensic hypnosis (100% of my work with memory is oriented to finding peace, not arbitrating truth)
I don't work with couples (but I do know some good LMFTs)
I won't fix your spouse (but if your spouse wants to be fixed they can call me)
In general, I shy away from requests that don't have a clear goal or outcome. 
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