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Q: Part of me really likes smoking! It's a comfort. I don't want to lose that.

A: I would imagine that there is a part of you that wants to keep smoking, seeing as that's what you're doing...

...and I would like you to consider that any roles that smoking is serving in your life can be filled even more effectively in other ways. 

And what I would like to suggest is that rather than framing quitting as a process of sacrifice, you allow yourself to imagine what you will gain on the other side of this change:

You will have more...







Self Esteem

You'll be a Better Example for your kids and grandkids


Consider This

 I'm planting this seed in your brain so that your subconscious mind is already beginning to generate all kinds of pleasing alternate behaviors and inspiring benefits that will end up creating even more positive change in your life.

And can you notice that even in spending just a few moments contemplating the benefits of quitting, your feelings around this process have changed?

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Now, if you're still not sure that anything is better than the pleasure you get from smoking, I encourage you to just enjoy it! It's your body, your life, your time. Get really mindful about the experience of smoking. 

SAVOR it. 

And I'm going to guess... if you really take that advice to heart... that

one of two things will happen.

  1. You'll stop pulling yourself in two directions about your habit... which ought to be a huge relief. God knows I'm pro-happiness.
  2. You'll start to notice that you enjoy it perhaps less than you thought you did, and that the idea of it is where the reward is at. And that's a wonderful place to start.
    (PS -- research suggests that the anticipation of reward creates a stronger dopamine hit than nicotine does. Or, to put it another way, your brain is generating your experience of smoking, and you have more to do with your brain than the cigarette does.)


Q: I can't go out right now, can I still quit smoking?

A: Yes! I am running all my sessions over Zoom videoconferencing right now, so you can use this as a great opportunity to make that change that you've always wanted to make. It's also an excellent way to take care of your lungs.

Q: Will hypnosis work for me? 

A:  There are two underlying assumptions  in this question and I'm going to tackle both of them.

One is that some people can be hypnotized and others can not, and that is an unfortunate misunderstanding of what hypnosis even is.  

Persuasion, even at a subconscious level, happens every day all the time; you probably just don't notice it because it is such an ordinary experience. 

And that does not mean that a hypnotic experience isn't quite magical -- it certainly is. But what really helps heap on the enjoyment of the magic sauce is if you can open your eyes to notice that everyday ordinary experiences are incredibly magical. 

The second assumption is that quitting nicotine is an extremely difficult thing to do, and some people think it is as addictive as heroin, and that is simply not true.

Tobacco companies and big pharma are heavily invested in your perceiving this habit as being very difficult to kick. They KNOW that it is mostly psychological and they PROFIT from your trying-but-not-really-succeeding-at-quitting and that's something worth getting angry about. If there is any part of you that took up smoking for the rebellious factor, why don't we re-enlist that part to get angry at all those who profit from destroying your health, happiness, and pocket book.

Yes, I said it is mostly psychological. If it were just the nicotine, the patches and pills would work and you'd be done with it in three days. Sugar, in my opinion, is harder to kick than nicotine is.

So, money...

Did I mention that the average smoker spends $2700 a year on cigarettes alone? That's not counting the time, the health consequences, and increased insurance rates for health, home, and sometimes car insurance. 

When you think about it that way, quitting smoking isn't going to cost you anything. My Quit program is a modest investment that is going to pay you back many times over, in more ways than one.