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Tiny Bites: EFT for Weight Loss - Quad Cities Hypnosis
Module 1 Tiny Bites: The Course
Unit 1 I see Myself at my Ideal Weight
Unit 2 Achieving my Goals is Realistic  - Preview
Unit 3 Change
Unit 4 Whatever I Put in My Body
Unit 5 Safe to Feel My Feelings
Unit 6 Whatever Doesn't Serve Me
Unit 7 Approval
Unit 8 Pleasure
Unit 9 Nourish
Unit 10 Surround Myself With Support
Unit 11 Speak of My Body With Love
Unit 12 Safety
Unit 13 Curiosity
Unit 14 Sugar
Unit 15 Movement
Unit 16 Enoughness
Unit 17 Havingness
Unit 18 Satisfaction
Unit 19 Beauty
Unit 20 Vitality
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